Module Bluetooth DX-BT18 SPP2.0


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DX-BT18 SPP2.0 Bluetooth module serial transmission BLE4.0 support Compatible with HC-05 HC-06.

DX-BT18 dual-mode Bluetooth module is a dual-mode Bluetooth module (Dual-Mode) that is specially designed for smart wireless data transmission by Shenzhen DX-SMART Technology Co., Ltd. and follows the Bluetooth 4.2 standard protocol. DX-BT18 module applies to wireless data transmission field, uses BT4.2 Bluetooth chip + PCB printed antenna design, SOC chip embedded BT4.2 Dual-Mode protocol stack, supports data transmission of Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other systems And applications, with industrial design, transmission distance, data stability, simple operation, high cost performance and technology leading edge.

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