Module HOST USB CH376S read/write simple


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The "CH376S/CH375 USB read/write module" has a CH376S/CH375 chip onboard which does most of the hard work for you. All you have to do is send the module some commands from the Arduino and the CH376S/CH375 chip will do the rest. You can communicate with the module in three different ways:

  • Parallel communication
  • SPI communication
  • and Serial (UART) communication.

CH376 is used as file manage control chip, used to MCU system read/write file in USB Flash Drive or SD card.
CH376 supports USB-Device Mode and USB-HOST Mode. Set the basic firmware of USB communication protocol in the inner. It is also set firmware of special communication protocol to deal with Mass-Storage devices, communication interface firmware of SD card, FAT16, FAT32 and FAT12 file system manage firmware in the inner. It supports common USB storage devices (contains USB Flash Drive/USB hard disk/USB Flash memory/USB read card) and SD cards (contain SD card with standard capacity and HC-SD card with high capacity, MMC card and TF card compatible with protocol).
CH376 supports three communication interfaces: 8-bit parallel, SPI interface or asynchronism serial interface. DSP/MCU/MPU etc. controller via the any interface of them to control CH376 chip, storage and get file in USB Flash Drive or SD card, or communication with computer.
The USB-DEVICE Mode of CH376 is totally compatible with CH372, the USB-HOST Mode of CH375 is basically compatible with CH375.