Module ADC ADS1220 24-bit giao tiếp SPI


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ADS1220,It is a precision, 24-bit, analog-to-digital converter module that offers many integrated features to reduce system cost and number of components in applications that measure small sensor signals. (ADC)

The device has two different or four single-ended inputs via a flexible input multiplexer (MUX), a low-noise, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), two programmable excitation current sources, a voltage reference, an oscillator, a low-side switch.

The ADS1220 Transducer Sensor Module can convert at data rates of up to 2000 samples per second (SPS) with single cycle analysis. At 20 SPS, the digital filter offers simultaneous 50 Hz and 60 Hz rejection for noisy industrial applications. Internal PGA offers gains of up to 128 V / V. This makes the PGA ADS1220 ideal for applications that measure small sensor signals, such as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, thermistors, and resistive bridge sensors. The instrument supports the measurement of spurious or completely different signals when using PGA. Alternatively, the device can be configured to bypass the internal PGA while still providing high input impedance and gaining up to 4 V / V, allowing for single-ended measurements.

When operating in duty cycle mode with PGA disabled, power consumption is as low as 120 µA. The ADS1220 is supplied in a lead-free VQFN-16 or a TSSOP-16 package and is specified in a temperature range of –40 ° C to + 125 ° C.

CJMCU-1220 ADS1220 Transducer Sensor Module Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: China
Product Category: ADC Converter Sensor Module
Sherry: ADS1220
Low Current Consumption: As Low as 120 μA (typical) in Duty Cycle Mode
Wide Feeding Range: 2.3 V - 5.5 V
Programmable Gain: 1 V / V to 128 V / V
Programmable Data Rates: Up to 2 kSPS
Resolution: 20-Bit
Refusal: Single Loop Insertion Simultaneous 50 Hz and 60 Hz at 20 SPS with Digital Filter
Login: Two Differentials or Four Single Ends
Dual Mapped Programmable Current Sources: 10 μA to 1.5 mA
Internal 2.048-V Reference: 5 ppm / ° C (typ) Drift
Oscillator: Built-in 2% Accurate Oscillator
Internal Temperature Sensor: 0.5 ° C (typ) Accuracy
Interface: SPI Compliant (Mode 1)
Package: 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm x 0.9 mm VQFN