Diode 1N4934 100V 1A


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The 1N4934 Diode is a fast recovery diode with low forward voltage drop and a high surge current capability. The 1N4934 rectifier is rated for a continuous current of 1A and a peak surge current of up to 30A. The reverse voltage rating is 100V and the maximum reverse recovery time is 200ns. The 1N4934 is ideal for use in dc power supplies, inverters and switched voltage converter circuits.


  • Fast Recovery Diode for Rectifier Circuits
  • Peak Repet. Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): 100V
  • Peak RMS Reverse Voltage (Vr): 70V
  • Average Forward Current (Io): 1.0A
  • Max. Reverse Current (Ir): 0.005mA
  • Max. Forward Voltage Drop (Vf): 1.1V
  • Reverse Recovery Time (Trr): 200nS

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