Cảm biến góc GY-25 MPU6050 to TTL UART


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GY-25 MPU6050 3-Axis Gyroscope Sensor Module [3V-5V] is a high-resolution tilt angle (YAW, ROLL, and PITCH) sensor module which is based on MPU6050 MotionTracking chip and an MCU chip. The MPU-60X0 series chips are small motion-tracking chips, that integrates a tri-axis gyroscope, tri-axis accelerometer, a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) and two sets of three 16bits-ADC for converting the tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer analog output to digital signals. Also, it can receive three external sensor signals from a compass via its dedicated I2C sensor bus, to achieve 9DOF data. (a complete 9-axis MotionFusion™ output). These chip series is so designed that can interface with several non-inertial digital detectors such as pressure sensor trough the auxiliary I2C port. The motion tracking chip can develop phones and tablets into powerful 3D smart devices to utilize in health monitoring, sport, fitness monitoring, and similar location-based services applications.
The GY25 module has an internal MCU that compile and process output data of the MPU6050 sensor chip to achieve angle tilt quantity. This module can communicate with microcontrollers and Arduino board trough the UART interface, Also it has solder jumper to select I2C interface for recovering the raw data. A solder jumper is provided on the board to select the communication baud among 9600-115200. This module can be supplied with 3.3V or 5.0V DC and also supports 5.0V externals, that enable it to be directly used in the 3.3V and 5.0V applications with the standard USB, 3.3V TTL,  and 5.0V UART adapters.

Model: GY-25
Chip: MCU, MPU6050
Input Voltage: 3V ~ 5V (internal low dropout regulator)
Measuring Range: ±180°
Resolution: 0.01°
Measurement accuracy: 1°
Heading angle (YAW): ± 180°
Roll angle (ROLL): ± 180°
The pitch angle (PITCH): ± 180°
Pin Number: 8 Pin
Interface: I2C, UART
Size: 15.5mm x 11.5mm

Pin1 VCC Power + (3v-5v)
Pin2 RX Receiving data from serial
Pin3 TX Serial data transmission
Pin4 GND Power Ground
Pin5 RST Internal use, no connection, vacant
Pin6 B0 Internal use, no connection, vacant
Pin7 SCL I2C clock
Pin8 SDA I2C data