module 8 led RGB 5050


Còn hàng

This is Full-Color LED Module / RGB V2 light water for Arduino.

D0-D7 This 8-pin respectively to control 8 LED, so long as the number corresponding with pin connected just fine (as long as we turn this experiment received 2 to 9 pin on OK). Also, next three pin RGB, the need connected with GND, connected with R on the bright red, bright green on connecting with the G, B is connected with the bright blue, while even up on all three lights.

As same as the digital handset control mode, a little selection of control corresponds to LED lighting, the color selection control segment through various procedures can produce a variety of color effect changes.

  • Vcc ↔ Arduino 5v
  • D0 – D7 ↔ Connect these to Arduino pins 2 to 9
  • R, G, B ↔ Connect these to Arduino pins 10 to 12 

Features :

  1. Good PRINT PACK design, very beautiful.
  2. 8 world of the three primary colors (red-green-blue) LED color, scanning control mode.
  3. Applicable for various platforms, such as 51 / AVR / AVR / ARM / for Arduino All kinds of platforms